Impact of Communication for Effective Training Courses on the Performance of Higher Educational Institute Faculty Members of Karachi


  • Dr. Sobia Iqbal DHA Suffa university
  • Saadia Khan DHA Suffa university
  • Ishtiaq Ur Rashid Minhas DHA Suffa university


Faculty Development, Training and Development, On-the-job Training, Off-the-job Training, Online Training


In the current scenario, Higher Educational Institutes embraces different training programs for the faculty development to attain advanced knowledge and skills. Therefore, an assessment for a conducted training program’s usefulness and its outcomes on the performance of Faculty of Higher Education is important. On-the-Job Training and Off-the-Job Training are the most highlighted versions of trainings in the education industry. However, online training has also its impact as a result of COVID-19 that has invaded our lives. Communication has vital impact on training mode. This research project aims at defining the effectiveness of On-the-Job and Off-the-Job Training courses on the performance of Higher Educational Institute Faculty members of Pakistan. This Quantitative research study with an explanatory research design, aims to define the influence of implementation of the training programs, and examine the effectiveness of on-the-job and off-the-job training for faculty to achieve the higher knowledge and enhanced skills level. A non-probability sampling design with a emphasis on Purposive sampling for the collection of data has been attempted with a questionnaire according to the 5-point Likert scale. The data has been analyzed as Structured Equation Modeling (SEM) by using Smart PLS version 3.0, internal consistency by Cronbach’s Alpha and Composite Reliability. The Discriminant Validity and Convergent Validity results show that the data is reliable and valid. Two hypotheses have been tested. H1 has been rejected at the connotation level of 0.05 which interprets that On-the-job Training does not have a positive impact on Faculty development and performance, whereas H2 has been accepted at the significance level of 0.01 which refers to Off-the-job training has a constructive influence on performance. As the p-value (typically ≤ 0.05) confirms solid evidence against the null hypothesis. The R2 of both training methods on performance is 0.344.




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Iqbal, S. ., Khan, S., & Minhas, I. U. R. (2022). Impact of Communication for Effective Training Courses on the Performance of Higher Educational Institute Faculty Members of Karachi. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 3(1), 452–483. Retrieved from



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