Creation of Perception by International Media in Times of Crises; Instances from Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan


  • Dr. Hina Shahid Foundation University Islamabad


Afghanistan, Taliban, Media Role, Islam, Women Rights, Terrorism


In the contemporary era, the regime changes or power shift in Afghanistan from the US occupants to the local Taliban have created quite a stir in realm of international relation’s academia since the past year. To study the pertinent role of media in crises, this research study analyzes the narrative being built by international media on this particular issue of Afghan Taliban takeover. This study would focus on selective media sites like the CNN, BBC, Hindustan Times, RT and TRT, with goal of following a particular timeline starting from the US evacuation to initial Taliban regime days. The research at hand came to point out that in the initial days of the crises the Taliban were portrayed as victors of great and long battle while in the days to come, this perception has been changes by the international media. Moving forth it was observed that the positive tone of media towards the Taliban started to move towards a downfall, where they considered the Taliban as incompetent in terms of governing the state. Where once the US was criticized, the international media switched the roles. From victors, the Taliban became the villains, negative images were portrayed in respect to solely focusing on the religion, thereby the imposition of Shariah Law in the Taliban regime as well future and safety of women in the state. Clearly pointing to the fact that media which is considered to be impartial, and objectives fails to do so in this account. In reality, the core/hegemons build the narrative through media and solidify their belligerent actions and claims to sustain their favored distorted realities and perceptions, which may quite far from the actual truth.




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