Impact of Facebook News Credibility on University Students


  • Khair Mohammad Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Karachi
  • Dure Shehwar Soomro Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Karachi


Facebook, Rumors, Impact on academia, Authenticity, News credibility


Facebook is an online communication app where you can talk to everyone in the industry and see who they are and what they are doing right now. Things like advertising a variety of things, online stores, the percentage of your song and people and you will be paid. However regardless of all those stories sharing equally fake information the biggest problem you can focus on may be more than eight billion people on Facebook and only important international communication apps. However, they do not have the authenticity of what people send to you how to check that out before sharing with other people. I have found many things as a way to get any information or to do lessons on any relevant topic and it helped me to make many drawings in my future studies, it is very important to get their thoughts and ideas because in fact every day we see information.  The impact of Facebook news fidelity on University student. On Facebook anyone posting a variety of things to people is under attack without doing their own studies or research right now. This simplicity revealed details with their best friends and acquaintances without understanding the details as we have seen many incidents in us. The impact on the reliability of Facebook news to University students, many of them were false rumors about the institution.




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