AI and Films Exploring Audience Reactions to on-screen Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Movies


  • Sumera Gulzar Fatima Jinnah Women University
  • Ms. Abida Khatoon Riphah International University
  • Ms Sadia Baqar University of Karachi


Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Science-Fiction, Human-Robot Interaction


The technology-based themes have received significant attention with the advancement of technology, especially artificial intelligence and robots. The aim of paper is to explore audience reactions on the Film depiction of the emerging concepts in Artificial Intelligence. Film depiction is getting carried away in pushing the limits of what AI can achieve in terms of bringing robots at par with human thinking capabilities. In order to explore audience reactions in light of audience perception and constructivism theories, a theme based qualitative study was conducted in which four gender-balanced Focus Group Discussions
were held online with young adults (aged 19 to 29 years) from diverse backgrounds. The participants were earlier suggested a list of films themed on thinking robots and consequences of a scenario where AI enables robots to build thinking capability. Each recorded FGD lasted around hour and the moderator used a guided questionnaire to trigger responses. A number of recurring themes emerged from the discussion which led the researchers to suggest that audience believes that films are depicting thinking robot scenarios to build familiarity with the concepts while attempting to gain acceptance and ignite curiosity so that more people start talking about them. A significant number of people believed that Film is presenting an ideal scenario which fascinates humans. The discussions concluded that although films are suggesting new possibilities of Human-Robot Interaction or confrontations, the mere purpose of this depiction is to tell an appealing story. Audience sees no potential and hence no threat in the ideas suggesting that robots can overpower humans and majority considers them as selfless and powerful machine and that every robot has a human behind so the idea of robots coming face to face with humans was rejected.




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Gulzar, S. ., Khatoon, A. K., & Baqar, S. . (2021). AI and Films Exploring Audience Reactions to on-screen Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Movies. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 2(2), 71–86. Retrieved from



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