Content Usage of You Tube: A Gender-Based Study on Teenagers of Karachi City


  • Muhammad Yaseen Moroojo Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazir Abad ,Sindh
  • Dr.Asmat Ara University of Karachi
  • Dr.Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Abro Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur


You Tube, Teenagers, Time spent on You Tube, Content selection


The aim of current study is to assess the difference between teenagers’ boys and girls of Karachi city spent time on watching You Tube videos and types of contents they watch every day. The social media sites are changing the outlook of the entire world and among these sites You Tube is very popular. This is a video sharing site that receives billions of users every day. The teenagers of the twenty century are more digitally oriented. You Tube becomes a basic platform for sharing information and easy tool to get relevant information about specific theme and subject. Several studies and reports revealed that more than half of users are young and teenagers. Deductive approach was used to assess difference between both groups by collecting online data from Karachi’s teenagers’ You Tube users. A total 130 teenagers’ boys and girls of 13 to 19 years old participated in current study. Purposive Sampling was used as data collection technique. Study identifies that You Tubers have enough influence on the behavior of teenagers. This influence is not bad in terms of education and gaining different types of information to enhance knowledge. Current study suggests that parents must be aware about their teenagers’ behavior in terms of time spent, and pattern of usage.




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Yaseen Moroojo, M. ., Ara, A., & Abro, M.- ur-R. (2021). Content Usage of You Tube: A Gender-Based Study on Teenagers of Karachi City. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 2(2), 194–211. Retrieved from



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