Media News Coverage: Acts of Terrorism and Impact on Audience


  • Dr. Zahid Yousaf University of Gujrat, Pakistan
  • Zirva Azmat University of Gujrat, Pakistan
  • Dr. Munham Shehzad University of Gujrat, Pakistan


Media coverage, Terrorism, News channels, Impact, Behaviour


This study's key focus is to meet the objectives and analyze whether people use media outlets to seek terrorist activities information, whether terrorist attacks affect public opinion, whether media play an active role in creating awareness about terrorist activities and whether prolonged news coverage about terrorist activities effects emotions and attitudes of people. The researchers collected data from 400 respondents from Gujranwala and Lahore cities of Pakistan through survey method and used Agenda Setting and Framing Theory as a theoretical framework. The simple random sampling technique was used for the selection of a sample. The researchers apply correlation to the collected data for analysis. Findings of the study explored that terrorist news on media highlight problem recognition; mobilize people, which lead to seeking information about terrorist activities. The majority of the respondents agree that they use traditional & new media outlets to seek information actively that influence their opinions, attitude, and emotions. Media news mobilizes, creates awareness, and educates people about terrorist activities. Terrorism means fear, and the purpose is not only physical attacks but also the psychological effects of fear and panic on society.




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Yousaf, Z., Azmat, Z., & Shehzad, M. (2021). Media News Coverage: Acts of Terrorism and Impact on Audience. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 2(2), 282–309. Retrieved from



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