Effects of Facebook on Political and Voting Behavior of Women in Gujrat


  • Dr. Faiza Bajwa University of Gujrat, Pakistan
  • Badar Ahmed Bedari NGO, Pakistan
  • Munham Shehzad University of Gujrat, Pakistan


Social Networking Sites, Facebook, Political Behavior, Awareness, Women, Gujrat, Pakistan


The social media applications provide space for the people to discuss political, societal, and religious issues the study investigates to examine the surveillance of Facebook to develop political awareness, analyzes whether facebook usage successfully changes the voting behavior, and finds out whether Facebook gratify the political needs and motivate women to cast their vote. The researchers collected data from women of Gujrat city who have valid CNIC and registered voters of Pakistan through the Survey method keeping in mind age, education, profession, and marital status. The researchers used “Uses and Gratification theory” as a theoretical framework in the study. The researcher used SPSS for statistical analysis, to check the percentage, and apply the T-Test to verify the objective of the study. Demographic findings of the study show that most of the females who participated in the survey belong to age 18-30 years, have BA/MA education, with single marital status & students. The findings of the study show that most of the respondents agree that women participated in political discussions and gratify their needs by using Facebook. Results of the study indicated that Facebook successfully develop political awareness among women which plays an important role to change the voting behavior of females and motivate women to cast their votes during the election.




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Bajwa, F. ., Ahmed, B., & Shehzad, M. (2022). Effects of Facebook on Political and Voting Behavior of Women in Gujrat. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 3(1), 144–171. Retrieved from https://media-sciences.com/index.php/pjms/article/view/88



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