Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Narrative of Western Media


  • Dr. Syed Shahab Uddin Department of International Relations Federal Urdu University for Science, Arts, and Technology Karachi – Pakistan
  • Dr. Uzma Siraj Federal Urdu University for Science, Arts, and Technology Islamabad – Pakistan
  • Dr. Farhana Kosar Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology Karachi – Pakistan


Islamophobia, Anti-Muslim Sentiments, Jihad, Hate Speech, Western Media


Islamophobia is a concept in which Muslims across the globe are considered vicious, savage, and second in class to others. Islamophobia was originated in western countries and this concept used by Europeans in various ways for instance, Islamophobia in the late 1990s was used by politicians and activists to draw attention to oratory actions towards the Muslim Community and Islam in general across the democratic west. Islamophobia as a phenomenon has been existing for a long time ago but it has increased since the 9/11 attack. The media showed negativity against Islam and painted a bad image of Muslims all across the globe spreading among the world whereas the media should’ve acted as a mediator between the Muslim global community and the West and instead they spread fear and hatred against the Muslims. The study is a qualitative based critical analysis of the concept of Islamophobia and the role played by western media in propagating this narrative. The research finds that media is the main forum where these anti-Muslim sentiments are originating and spread all over the world.




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Shahab Uddin, S., Siraj, U., & Kosar, F. (2022). Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Narrative of Western Media. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 3(1), 305–319. Retrieved from



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