Exploring the Communicative Purpose through Genre Analysis in Pakistan: A Personal History


  • Humera Sharif The University of Lahore
  • Dr Saeed Ur Rehman The University of Lahore
  • Dr Abul Hassan The University of Lahore


Genre Analysis, Political discourse, Imran Khan, Communicative purpose


This research aimed to analyze the communicative purpose in political discourse entailed by using a specific genre by Imran Khan in his book Pakistan: A Personal History. This study was conducted to explore the relationship between genre and communicative purpose in Pakistan: A Personal History written by Imran Khan (2011). It investigated various genres in the text and how communicative purposes drive particular genres. The objective was accomplished by applying Bhatia’s model (1993) in combination with Fairclough’s (2003) genre approach and generic structure. The findings reveal that the genre of governance and promotional genre are the main genres in the text. It further divulges the existence of hortatory text, narration, persuasion, and argumentation. More or less, the text follows the exact generic structure making it suitable for the promotional genre. Moreover, the hierarchy of the purposes revealed in the study was to present the true Islamic framework as the vision of Pakistan. In addition, particular semantic relations and rhetorical strategies fulfil the secondary purpose of attracting people’s favour for the emerging political party (PTI) by turning them against the existing status co. Hence, the study can help the students of applied linguistics to understand the role of genre studies to unravel the opaque phenomena working in the discourse.




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Sharif, H., Ur Rehman, S., & Hassan, A. (2022). Exploring the Communicative Purpose through Genre Analysis in Pakistan: A Personal History. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 3(1), 258–276. Retrieved from https://media-sciences.com/index.php/pjms/article/view/94



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