Role of Social Media Reshaping the Personality and Psychological Effects on Youth


  • Dr. Salman Amin Minhaj University Lahore
  • Dr. Robina Saeed Minhaj University Lahore
  • Dr. Nasim Ishaq University of the Punjab, Lahore


Social Media, Psychological Effects, Cultivation Theory, Stratified Sampling, University Students


This research study explores social media's impact on students reshaping their personalities and its effects on mental health. The main purpose of this research is to discover how social media affects students' personalities and its psychological effects. And how social media influences an individual's character. Applying the cultivation theory to comprehend today's social media users better is necessary. Cultivation theory was defined as a critical theory by Gerbner. As a powerful influence of the media, this is one of its attitudes. Millions of students use social media and consume comparable stuff. The concept of cultivation helps there to comprehend today's social media users. The researchers used a stratified sample approach and a stratified sampling method to collect data from university students. As a result, 408 male and female students were selected for the study. Overall, this study found that social media intensely affects students' personalities and has psychological effects. Social media trends are brought to light in this way. The use of social media platforms has skyrocketed in recent years. We'll see how this new medium affects us and as well as students.




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Dr. Salman Amin, D. S. A., Saeed, R., & Ishaq, N. (2022). Role of Social Media Reshaping the Personality and Psychological Effects on Youth. Pakistan Journal of Media Sciences, 3(1), 290–304. Retrieved from



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