Online gaming addiction in University students; PUBG effects of University Students


  • Muhammad Fahad Khan Smiu University, Karachi
  • Dr. Raja Kashif Riphah International University, Islamabad.
  • Muhammad Talal SAAMA TV


PUBG; Online Games; Students; Depression; Anxiety


The most broadly and main goal of digital games i.e. online games is to entertain the users with interactive user interface which are now available in different mods in PC’s and smart phones. Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) game has attracted many digital users though out the world, because of its unique Interface. This study’s aim is to find out the effects of online video game Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) on the students of universities in Karachi. As according to World Health Organization in 2018, PUBG has created mental health issues in the many users. The Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) game is affecting digital media users; we have specified our target audience to University students. In this paper, Qualitative Research Methodology is adopted in which interviews were conducted from students of various universities of Karachi. All the participants are undergraduates aged 20 to 26, including males and females. According to the findings, it should be an alarming situation as the youth is medically, physically, and mentally affected by the game, Medical fitness of Students is being challenged. Results yields that PUBG have a positive correlation with the medical, mental, physical and psychological issues. In the light of this study, we can recommend that the perspective of Parents of students should also be taken to fulfill the communication gap between parents and Student.




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